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Dazhai, a model for agriculture
To learn from the Dazhai Production Brigade, we must resolutely stress class struggle
Printed in 1970

Dazhai, a village from Shanxi province, became by 1964 a model for agriculture, because of its unique ability to provide fields resistant to drought and flood, while maintaining high yield production. Indeed, the peasants of Dazhai, led by Chen Yonggui, successfully created terraced fields on the mountains. They were probably helped by the Army (a fact that was modestly unspoken by the propaganda).

Chen Yonggui, the village leader, is pictured on this poster (center) with his famous white head towel. When he traveled across China during the Dazhai propaganda campaigns (in 1960's and 1970's), this white towel was used to give him a touch of authenticity in public appearances. Chen Yonggui became a member of the Central Political Bureau, but eventually fell into disgrace in 1981 along with the entire Dazhai experience, wherein the entire project became accused of compromise with the Cultural Revolution.

"Chairman Mao asks the whole country to respond to this great appeal: In Agriculture, Learn from Dazhai. The course of Dazhai is the course of building socialism under the guidance of Mao Zedong thought." (People's Daily,September 1970)