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Da Qing, a model for industry
Study Da Qing spirit, insist on national independence and self-reliance, rely on self efforts great policy
Printed in 1975

In 1963, Daqing was the first major oilfield that opened in China. It took 40,000 workers, and three years of hard work to ready it for operation. The success of Daqing was praised by propaganda through the "In industry learn from Daqing" campaigns. It was said, that the major elements of the Daqing Spirit were the Three Togethers (eat together, live together and labour together) and the "Iron Man Spirit" (incarnated by Wang Jinxi, a worker in Daqing who "ignored his own safety and exchanged his life for oil").

In 1981, the Central Commitee released a report entitled "Problems of industries learning from Daqing". Later on, western technology and management style were imported and promoted. The slogan "Learn from Daqing" disappeared. However, the Daqing Spirit resurfaced after the 1989 Tiananmen events, after which the authorities thought it necessary to reinforce political and ideological education.

"In industry learn from Daqing, in agriculture learn from Dazhai, and the whole country learns from the People's Liberation Army." (40 years of Chinese Communist Party Rule)