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1. How to order? What steps should I take to place an order?

  • Select a model poster and a canvas size
  • Prepare and email us your photographs
  • Make payment via PayPal
  • Confirm that you find the mock-up satisfactory
  • You will receive the painting within 3 weeks

2. Is it a genuine oil painting executed by hand?

Yes. It's an original work entirely done by hand, without the assistance of any printing technique. The artist's talent and our standards for quality guarantee you an outstanding result, as evidenced by our samples.

3. Who are the painters?

They are freelance professional Chinese artists selected for their portrait skills and their ability to reproduce the propaganda poster styles. We do not commission "painting factories" and their salaried artists.

4. How much does a painting cost?

A painting costs from US$ 199 to US$ 269. Price depends on canvas size and model complexity. Paintings with several characters or a complex background require more work.

5. What are the canvas sizes?

We propose two formats: 24x15 inches and 32x21 inches (61x38 cm and 81x54 cm). These are standard dimensions to simplify framing. But you can also order a painting with the dimensions you prefer.

6. What is the delivery time?

The painting is delivered no later than 3 weeks after you have approved the mock-up. Inform us if you have a pressing deadline, e.g., an anniversary. We will arrange for timely delivery.

7. What are the FedEx shipping charges?

  • US$ 38 for USA, Canada and Japan
  • US$ 47 (€ 35) for Europe
  • US$ 42 for Australia
  • For other countries, please ask

8. How is the painting shipped?

The painting is shipped using FedEx, packed inside a cardboard tube. We give you a tracking number so you can follow the shipment. You usually receive the painting 2-3 days after it is courriered.

9. How do I pay?

You pay by credit card via the payment website PayPal.

10. How best to select my pictures for the painting?

To ensure seamless "integration" of the person whose face you send us, do your best to give us a photo shot from an angle similar to that in the propaganda poster. Please follow our tips for good snapshots. A good photograph will guarantee a good painting.

11. In what format should I send my photographs?

Send your photographs in JPEG format if possible. Be careful to send pictures in a fairly big size, especially if the face to be copied is not a close-up. It is important for us to see the details.

12. Can I choose another poster as model?

Sure. Our selection includes the most popular and the most appropriate, but you can select any poster from the Maopost collection. Tell us the one you like and we will estimate the painting cost.

13. Can the painter make a special modification?

Yes. It's possible to make a modification from the model poster or from your photograph. Tell us what you want and we will inform you whether this will require a surcharge.

14. Can you insert several characters into one painting?

Yes. Just select a model poster with several characters and we will replace several faces. We can paint you with your family, friends, colleagues, etc.

15. What is the mockup for?

The mock-up initially gives you a clear idea of the final result. The mock-up is also used as a model by the painter.

16. How do you advise I frame my painting?

Ask for advice from a professional framer. First set your painting onto a wood chassis, then choose a frame. Use simple sticks of wood for an elegant and sober finishing. If you prefer a more traditional frame with larger pieces of wood, favor simple materials and colors in harmony with the canvas.

17. How long will my painting last?

Oil painting on canvas is a technique widely proven to last a long, long time. Rest assured that your grandchild and even great-grandchild will be able to appreciate the painting.

18. Can you realize a painting from my own ideas?

Please submit your ideas. We will help you to realize them.

19. Are you a supporter of Mao Ze-Dong or the Chinese Communist Party?

Our site is not politically motivated. We collect the posters for their artistic and historical interest.